The influence of vitasoy on the

This is believed to be the first documented use of the word in English. Tofu and its production technique were introduced to Japan [9] [10] [11] during the Nara period —

The influence of vitasoy on the

Founding[ edit ] Lithograph of Ayer from by L. Burleigh with list of landmarks Ayer's history dates back towhen the first mill in the agricultural community was built. The settlement sits on what the Nipmuc Indians called Nainacocius. A brook remains with that name. The town of Ayer was incorporated inand was named in honor of Dr.

The influence of vitasoy on the

James Cook Ayera prominent resident of Lowell who provided the funding for the construction of the Town Hall. East Main Street circa Regional rail hub[ edit ] The town's growth was influenced by a period of rapid development of railroad transportation.

Known as Groton Junction and later Ayer Junction, the intersecting railroads included: Its northerly terminus was Greenville, New Hampshire. In active rail on what is now known as the Greenville Industrial Track serves two customers on line, both located one mile north of Ayer center.

Tracks are intact to Townsend, Massachusetts. Worcester and Nashua Railroad in Southern branch to Worcester still in operation in as a freight line. Northern end of the branch from Ayer to Nashua, NH abandoned in The Nashua River Rail Trail has occupied the old right-of-way since Stony Brook Railroad to North Chelmsford, Massachusettsin still in operation in as a freight line The split between the Stony Brook and Fitchburg main line was moved east from the central junction to reduce parallel trackage.

Postcard view showing the two railroad stations that once served Ayer, dated Military roles[ edit ] During the Civil War an army training camp, Camp Stevens, was located near the Nashua River. The presence of thousands of military and civilian personnel on the base shifted Ayer's commercial development towards meeting their needs until Fort Devens was closed inbut was reopened the next day as a reserve training area.

It has since been reopened, although on a much smaller scale then the days when it was active. A foot-high wooden trestle build, the ski jump operated for a single winter season amid the hardships of Great Depression-era Ayer.

The influence of vitasoy on the

Part of the structure was blown down by the wind in the summer of and it was never rebuilt. Some of the lumber was salvaged by local residents over the next few years.

As ofno trace of the massive structure remains.

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In most cases, what to choose comes down to personal taste. Ayer is a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United heartoftexashop.comally part of Groton, it was incorporated February 14, and became a major commercial railroad junction. The town was home to Camp Stevens, a training camp for Massachusetts volunteers during the American Civil, Fort Devens was established by the federal government to train New England soldiers for World War I.

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