Pegasus essay

April 10 6: Taking stock of the event—one of the few focused on walking, which gets scant attention at traffic safety conferences—he wondered about that inescapable word: That approaching figure would simply be a person. Pedestrian is a word born from opposition to other modes of travel; the Latin pedester, on foot, gained currency by its semantic tension with equester, on horse.

Pegasus essay

Slightly blurry Innocent wackaging via Buzzfeed. Yes, that was part of my beat. I do think, oh my God, will my long-term contribution to the species be that I was the guy who introduced really annoying body copy on packaging?

Innocent wackaging via London Copywriter. The standard media reaction to wackaging seems to be a pained grimace: Was it an Innocent innovation?

If we can make one claim, we can make this—that was new. The tenpin bowling movie with Woody Harrelson?

Why don’t Americans walk more? The crisis of pedestrianism.

This revelation raises a couple of thoughts. And, secondly, given that the rise of smartphones over the past decade has taken care of any possible bathroom- not to mention commute- kitchen table- supermarket queue- solo dining- etc. As Gary Pegasus essay, co-author of Packaged Pleasuresexplained on a recent Gastropod episode all about the history and science of packagingthe first labels promised a sanitary, standardised product—a cereal or cracker you could trust by virtue of its being made by machine.

Seen in that light, wackaging is simply another iteration in this long shift from trusting people, to trusting institutions and companies, to trusting people again— a change that is playing out across societynot just in terms of food. The difference, of course, is that if I had bought squashed fruit before the Industrial Revolution, I would likely have known the person who grew it; today, my only acquaintance with Richard Reed and his friends is through their label copy and media presence.

In a way, Reed is like an online friend: Indeed, if packaging is a form of literaturewackaging is the social media equivalent. Today, though, Innocent Drinks is ninety percent owned by Coca-Cola, a company that is synonymous with the industrial food system.

And corporations, despite the opinions of the U. Supreme Courtare not people. Enjoy those quirky labels while you can! July 19, An egg, it turns out, is not just the best thing to put on top of almost any dish.

The photo galleries from its annual Masters of Egg Art competition are well worth a browse. But using eggs to copyright clown make-up? That was new to me when I read about it on Atlas Obscura last week. Clown Egg Register photograph by Luke Stephenson.

The Register started as a hobby: Stan Bult, a circus enthusiast who founded the International Circus Clowns Society inpainted portraits of his founding members on blown eggshells for fun.

Pegasus essay

Bult died inand, according to Morton, many of his initial egg portraits have since been crushed. But, when the Society reformed as Clowns International inthe egg tradition was revived.

The clowns help the egg creation process by sending fabric swatches and photos of their made-up faces. Clown Egg Register photographs by Luke Stephenson.In Greek mythology, Pegasus was the son of Poseidon and Medusa, having sprung from the blood of Medusa as it dropped into the sea after her head was severed by Perseus.

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INNOVATION We’ve created technology that makes client travel and transportation easier. Below is an essay on "Pegasus" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Claudius Ptolemy Who is Ptolemy? Claudius Ptolemy was a Greek-Roman citizen of Egypt who wrote in Greek.

He was a mathematician astronomer geographer astrologer, and poet of a single epigram in the Greek Anthology. Tristan's design incorporates multiple layers of clothing and a wide range of expressions.

Depicted here is the character in the full regalia from front, side, and rear .

Pegasus essay

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