On the use of military theory essay

Although illicit drug use is lower among U. The stresses of deployment during wartime and the unique culture of the military account for some of these differences.

On the use of military theory essay

Almost a year later, Press Secretary Jay Carney invoked the same phrase in defense of the leaked Department of Justice White Paper on the permissible targeted killing of a U. By contrast, the public conversation on drones in no small part concerns questions of morality, not only on the side of those who criticize the use of drones for targeted killing, but also from within the administration itself.

Both John Brennan and President Obama have extensively used the language of just war theory to defend the drone program to the public.

Consequently, I have put together the following literature review of the moral questions raised by U. It is not an exhaustive examination, but rather a brief overview of the relevant writing. It is divided into two parts, the first on questions raised specifically by the use of drones to conduct targeted killings, the second on questions raised by targeted killing more generally.

A Moral History of the Twentieth Century reminds us that concerns over the moral disengagement of soldiers go back a long way. His investigation also considers the interaction of drone warfare with other military virtues, including honor and loyalty.

On the use of military theory essay

One common argument posits that, given that drone pilots operate from the safety of the Nevada desert, drone warfare attenuates the military heroism and courage of soldiers.

Popular literature on drone pilots has moved toward a focus on the psychological damage done to some pilots, who feel they have been morally compromised or otherwise harmed by their role in killing. Reciprocity, that is, refers to the reciprocal risk faced by soldiers in many perhaps most kinds of warfare, in which soldiers on both sides of the conflict are at risk of death or physical injury.

Drone warfare is post-heroic warfare, the argument runs, because drone pilots are entirely safe from harm; they do not, unlike other soldiers, enter into a reciprocal relationship of risk with their enemies. Critics often argue that there is something dishonorable, cowardly, or even unjust about the safety of drone pilots.

NATO was roundly criticized for its decision to fly planes at high altitudes in order to protect its pilots from attack from below, at the cost of endangering civilians by decreased bombing accuracy.

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Of course, this argument assumes that reciprocity is something morally required, or even desirable. But in the case of the U. Answering this question requires us to examine what level of privileges and protections are due to those against whom the United States fights.

Soldiers fighting on both the just and unjust sides of wars, that is, have a right to fight, and could reasonably demand reciprocity in fighting. Terrorists are often considered to have no right to fight, to be criminals rather than combatants because of their abhorrent tactics.

And at what level of force protection does our continued combat become morally unacceptable? And some scholars take the opposite view: He has pointed out that the logical extension of taking seriously the moral necessity of subjecting your own soldiers to risk is to simply execute a few of them in the context of successful operations—a kind of sacrifice to the moral demand of risk.

Democratic peace theory can therefore claim a pedigree stretching back well before the advent of the drone. Nevertheless, an important genus of objections to drone warfare is based on democratic peace theory. Kaag and Kreps go further, arguing that drone warfare allows democracies to find a middle ground between politically unpopular war and politically popular peace:This essay proposes a framework that can help military practitioners judge the appropriate use of metaphor and be more reflective about how indoctrination .

Military theory is an evolving set of fundamental thoughts, ideas, principles and rules, that are related to military matters, such as soldiers, armed forces, weapons, war or peace, and that military leaders have to study all along their careers in order to analyze, understand, explain and eventually address the challenges they face.

APPENDIX A A SAMPLE ESSAY FORMAT CGSC students (including CAS3) are knowledgeable writers.

On the use of military theory essay

However, OPORD and OPLANs have The argumentative essay included in this appendix illustrates academic writing. This essay follows the format prescribed in A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and the heart of his military theory. employed in most military strategy scholarship. This dissertation provides a baseline theory from which further military strategy hypotheses can be generated and tested in order to advance our understanding of military strategy.

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