Literature review of strategic marketing management and brand image

They have been in this business for over thirty years.

Literature review of strategic marketing management and brand image

This paper presents a literature review on online brand communities focusing on their distinctive characteristics. We highlight the managerial implications related to the exploitation of online brand communities, identifying which set of key factors companies should leverage on . this paper is to develop a case study of Singapore as a nation brand. It will first review the conceptual foundation of nation branding and study nation branding application. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing & Management Review_____ ISSN Vol.2 (8), August () Online available at 1 STRATEGIC CONSIDERATIONS IN BRAND ANALYSIS USING THE.

It takes years to establish a brand, but when it finally occurs, it has to still be maintained through innovation and creativity. A brand manager is tasked with managing the tangible and intangible properties of a brand.

Some brands are associated with viral jingles, attention-grabbing catch phrases, or animals that stick to the minds of consumers. For example, seeing a gecko reminds one of Geico Insurance which uses the reptile in most of its advertising campaigns.

Literature review of strategic marketing management and brand image

A brand does not only need to be tied to one product. One brand could cover different products or services.

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Ford, for example, has multiple auto models under the Ford brand. Likewise, a brand name can take on multiple brands under its umbrella.

Intangible factors include the experience that the consumers have had with the brand and their emotional connection with the product or service. The intangible characteristics of a brand build the brand equity. If consumers are willing to pay more for a brand than a generic brand that performs the same functions, the brand equity will increase in value.

On the other hand, the value of a brand equity falls when consumers would rather purchase a similar product that costs less than the brand. Brand management involves not only creating a brand, but also understanding what products could fit under the brand of a company. A brand that has been established has to continually maintain its brand image through brand management.

Effective brand management increases brand awareness ; measures and manages brand equity; drives initiatives that support a consistent brand message; identifies and accommodates new brand products; effectively positions the brand in the market; etc.

The difference between brand management success and failure comes down to ongoing innovation. Case in point is Xerox which launched the photocopier machine that revolutionized the way businesses copied documents.

However, the company was fixated on this successful offering and failed to keep up with the times as technology disrupted old ways of doing things.Abstract. This article discusses the state-of-the-art of self-concept literature in consumer/market behavior, introduces an integrated self-concept model to the advertising practitioners, and shows how this model can enhance the formulation of advertising strategic effectiveness.

Defining Strategic Communication. Strategic communication is a term used to denote the higher-level concerns behind communicative efforts by organizations to advance organizational mission.

It is, therefore, inherently multidisciplinary as work in this area draws on literature from a wide array of other subfields, including public relations, marketing, advertising, and management.

The information for this article was derived from many sources, including Michael Porter’s book Competitive Advantage and the works of Philip heartoftexashop.comts addressed include ‘generic’ strategies and strategies for pricing, distribution, promotion, advertising and market segmentation.

To analyse and discuss the effect of brand image on the consumer’s on their purchasing decisions in the UK clothing industry. the stated goal of strategic brand management is to build brands that last for decades and can be leveraged in different product categories and markets” Aaker ().

As seen in the literature review, brand.

Literature review of strategic marketing management and brand image

Database of example Marketing dissertations - these dissertations were produced by students to aid you with your studies. Low Cost Carriers (LCC) Tiger Airways’ Marketing Strategy.

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This report is the analysis of the youngest airlines companies of Low Cost Carriers (LCC) Tiger Airways’ marketing strategy. Literature review about the. The Role of Communication Strategies in Change Management Process: A Case Study of Consignia Brand and process of strategic formulation of corporate communications in accordance with diverse CHAPTER II Literature Review: Theoretical Perspectives.

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