Interdisciplinary phd thesis

Pursuing a PhD is a challenging task that requires commitment, passion and hard work. Guided and trained by experts you will develop the skills needed to become an independent, creative and innovative scientist able to develop your own project ideas.

Interdisciplinary phd thesis

This guide offers tips for beginning to collaborate with others.

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Most PhD projects are, at some Interdisciplinary phd thesis, interdisciplinary. Although every thesis deals with a specialist topic, there will inevitably be areas which impact on scholars in other fields. These other fields can in turn inform your own work.

Identifying these points of intersection, however, can require some creative thinking. Collaboration should not be an end in itself. Rather, it should enhance your own research and place it in a wider context.

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It does not mean dumbing down your work for the sake of collaboration, but rather drawing on new intellectual frameworks for mutual benefit. There are different types of interdisciplinary collaboration, and several ways to identify interdisciplinary areas in your research.

Content Some research topics simply lend themselves well to multiple disciplines. Political and philosophical issues are often at stake in scientific research, historical studies may be influenced by attention to cultural and social aspects, and those working on contemporary events will encounter a range of viewpoints.

What is your topic, and who else might be interested in it? Methodology Theoretical frameworks offer great potential for crossing disciplinary boundaries.

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A school of thought such as feminism, for example, can inform on political, literary, sociological, scientific, economic and cultural fields. Exploring these links can deepen your understanding of your topic. Quantitative research methods are also often applicable to various fields. How might your surveys, focus groups and case studies help you connect to a broader range of disciplines?

Media Platforms for dissemination and learning are often shared across fields. Whether interrogating the role of television news in science, politics and culture, or exploring the impact of social networking on the way your topic is discussed, attention to the media themselves can open bigger questions.

Interdisciplinary phd thesis

Popular Events Major public issues and debates are routinely influenced by a variety of viewpoints and factors, and offer a great opportunity for interdisciplinary conversation. The question of nuclear power is an example.

Physics and chemistry, economics and politics, history and geography, poetry and theatre, all help to give a voice to different opinions. By paying attention to these different approaches, you can appreciate the wider implications of your own angle.

Current Events From terrorist atrocities to natural disasters, from cultural events like the Olympics to budget announcements, major events can affect research in a broad range of areas.

Escape niche thinking in your research. Interdisciplinary work can give your research a wider audience. Funding bodies are now looking to reward broad impact, and even specialist publishers encourage work that will reach the widest possible audience.Dwayne Keith Mann is a Ph.D.

candidate at Northwestern University. He holds a graduate degree in Performance Studies from New York University, where he delivered a Master’s thesis on aesthetics, figuration, labor, and black things.

Interdisciplinary phd thesis

PhD Theses in Interdisciplinary Child Research. Completed PhD theses. Recent PhD theses are available on NTNU Open. Ersfjord, Ellen: A social anthropological study of children with obesity – When a complex illness meets biomedicine.

PhD Thesis. Lyså, Ida Marie: Everyday Disciplinarian Practices in two Chinese Kindergartens. PhD. How do you see the Module resources adding to the discussion of the role of an Interdisciplinarian and the concept of Interdisciplinary Studies as a metaphor described in Augsburg?

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A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, Ph.D., or DPhil; Latin Philosophiae doctor or Doctor philosophiae) is the highest academic degree awarded by universities in most are awarded for programs across the whole breadth of academic fields.

As an earned research degree, those studying for this qualification are usually not only required to demonstrate subject-matter expertise and mastery by. PhD students are increasingly expected to be interdisciplinary, but how does this work in practice?

This guide offers tips for beginning to collaborate with others. Most PhD projects are, at some level, interdisciplinary. Although every thesis deals with a specialist topic, there will inevitably be. Learn more about the application process to become admitted to North Dakota State University.

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