How to write an apology letter to a victim

Check new design of our homepage! Apology Letter Sample An apology letter is written to someone, when an inconvenience or offense is caused to that person.

How to write an apology letter to a victim

We'll begin here by describing important differences between mistakes and actions that elicit feelings of regret and those that expose stronger feelings of remorse.

Perfect apologies should be tailored to address one or the other type of mistake, in most cases. Regret is a rational, intelligent and, on occasion, emotional reaction to some unexpected, unintended and often costly consequence of some event or action.

Apologies that expose feelings of regret are often designed to address the consequences of actions people have taken but wish they hadn't, or actions they have not yet taken but wish they had.

We usually regret the consequences of relatively minor mistakes or errors and, given the option of revisiting the decision, would probably decide to do something else.

Obtaining a Letter of Apology

However, we also express regrets for the consequences of events over which we have very little control, or for actions that are intentionally taken for perfectly rational reasons but nevertheless produce unintended consequences—an apology from an airline to its passengers for canceling a flight; an apology from a mechanic for charging much more than a customer expected for unforeseen repairs; an apology for having to fire someone because of poor job performance or incompetence; etc Companies often express regrets for the harm caused by their decision despite the fact that a similar decision would be taken in the future for the same reasons.

For example, airlines often apologize for canceling flights because of poor weather but would do the same thing under similar circumstances in the future. Decisions can be right even if the consequences for the customer are costly. In fact most business apologies take the form of addressing the consequences of one or another unavoidable yet regrettable event.

Regrets are typically amoral—there is no right or wrong associated with the actions; it's the consequences that matter Miller In most of these cases the expression of regret through an apology is really secondary.


Remorse, on the other hand, takes on a bitter, deeper form that elicits much stronger personal and emotional reactions to personal guilt, societal shame, humiliation, resentment and often anger.

While regret is amoral and concerned with good versus bad consequences, remorse has more to do with right versus wrong actions 2. Feelings of remorse are often caused by actions that constitute serious and painful errors of judgment and often draws out powerful compulsions to fix the mistake s through personal change and sacrifice.

Learn about remorse and self-forgiveness.

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Or, review our selection of regret quotes and our collections of quotes on remorse.Apology Letter – Sometimes offenders who are incarcerated write victims letters of apology. The Mississippi Department of Corrections (DOC) has implemented a policy which forbids offenders from ever sending those letters to the victim/s directly or through a third party.

Writing An Apology Letter Published Thu, 04 Oct + Content. At times, offenders may be asked to write a letter of apology as a result of taking part in a conference. Apology letter to myself Janie June 3, Mama Survival, Stuff for You Recently, a former TV news reporter emailed me to say that my mission, of helping other women find their glow, inspired her to write a letter of apology to herself.

Apology Letters from Offenders. Sometimes offenders write a letter of apology to a victim or a victim's family.

how to write an apology letter to a victim

Whether the apology letter is court-ordered or not, offenders are instructed not to send an apology letter directly to the victim or victim's family. An apology letter is written to someone, when an inconvenience or offense is caused to that person.

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You should write such a letter only when the occasion calls for it. The following article, with an apology letter sample, will prove to be useful if you ever need to write one. The Apology (A Letter To The Man I Murdered) Dear Mr.

*****, I am writing this letter to share with you what has been on my mind and heart for several years now.

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