How to write a christmas card to my sons teacher

The form Christenmas was also historically used, but is now considered archaic and dialectal; [35] it derives from Middle English Cristenmasse, literally "Christian mass".

How to write a christmas card to my sons teacher

Print article It really is the thought that counts in choosing a gift for the teacher, GreatSchools readers say.

how to write a christmas card to my sons teacher

We asked readers to share their suggestions for teacher gifts. We got lots, from both parents and the teachers themselves. Ideas for crafty parents Gift bags: We took two plain canvas tote bags and decorated them with fabric paints.

Then we put microwavable popcorn, movie-type candy i. Teachers spend so much time working, they need a little break in the summer. The cinnamon sticks carry a gift certificate to a local bookstore. They are easy to put together and you can customize them to each individual.

We like to find photos of the kids to make magnets with their friendly faces! We poured our cookie mix and bread mix into the jars, tied colorful ribbons around the lids, and wrote the recipe on index cards edged with shape scissors.

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The children and I really enjoyed a couple hours having fun together and talking about the nice things and the funny things that teachers do. A mom in Florida suggests: Once all the squares are collected, simply sew them together to make a quilt. Or have them write what they imagine the preparation of ingredients to be, as this is usually more fun.

The teacher can have this forever to cherish and chuckle!

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I bought a plain denim bag and a plain T-shirt from a local craft store and some printer transfer paper for dark fabrics. She uses the bag this year and wears the shirt often and told me that she has never gotten as many comments on anything as she does the shirt.

Hope this gives someone some inspiration for a great teacher! I gathered all the pictures. It was a big scrapbook with all the 40 students! I cut out each of the different pictures I took and pasted them into the scrapbook like puzzle pieces. It turned out better than an actual school yearbook.

The end-of-the-year-gift was kept a secret, and the kids did a fantastic job keeping it a secret. You could even dress it up on the computer with nice paper and frame it!

You can even have it done as a class project. I wish I would have thought of this when my children were in elementary school.


I am having my daughter send one this year for a junior high teacher. I think it would last longer than a coffee gift card. Thousands of thank-you cards were collected from appreciative students, parents and celebrities nationwide and compiled into an eight-foot-high, foot-wide mural.

Give teachers their own report cards: It was a one-page letter telling the teacher what we appreciated about her as parents and what our son appreciated about her as a student. She cried and the whole school was talking about what a nice thing the letter was to receive.

Some gift card tips: Cards that pay for a night on the town:May is Teacher Appreciation Month.I didn’t get my children’s teachers any gifts or handmade artwork. Instead, I am writing them each a letter, and sending it not only to them, but to their bosses as well.

Giving Your Teacher A Christmas Card.

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I usually make my teacher a card too, rather than just write one. 0 Back to top #6 Piano gurl Piano gurl yes, my teacher would be on the Christmas card list, and what's more, on the home-made cards list.

I know his wife too, so the card is addressed to both. A fun way for your child to say Happy Holidays to their teacher with decorated blackboard, teacher's desk with papers, pencil, binders and apple and the message on blackboard "Happy Holidays to my Teacher" written in child's handwriting.

Write something from your heart (do it on word and use spell check LOL).

how to write a christmas card to my sons teacher

MY son had a wonderful teacher this year. I wrote: Dear Teacher, DS has had a fabulous year at school. Hello friends, my 5 y/o had the most AMAZING kindergarten teacher, i LOVE her, not only is she the sweetest thing on earth but she also taught my daughter way beyond my expectations.

Ed Peniche, pictured here in , at the site where his AT gun was emplaced Christmas , is a retired Professor of Spanish at Lone Star College-Kingwood, in Kingwood, Texas, northeast of Houston.

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