Firehouse subs business plan

Thai Firehouse Subs The creation of Firehouse Subs was based on our love for cooking and fellowship, and our passion for serving customers. We grew up in a family-owned retail television business in Jacksonville, Florida, where we learned from an early age that you have to take care of the customer.

Firehouse subs business plan

So when they co-founded Firehouse Subs intheir vision involved providing better service and a better restaurant experience for their customers.

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It also involved more meat. With the advantage of being one of the least expensive brands in the fast-casual segment — competitors include Five Guys and Panera Bread rather than Subway — the company steadily grew its regional foothold from Jacksonville, Fla.

But at the beginning ofall of that changed. The firehouse subs business plan started losing traffic.

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But we had to look at different opportunities. So as they debated how to handle the declining numbers, the Sorensens also started taking a hard look at their advertising agency. The company had talked about changing advertising agencies in the past.

And seeing the poor results of recent efforts, its leadership offered the agency one last opportunity to present its ideas on how to resuscitate customer traffic.

So we did something drastic. In the summerthey decided to rescind the 2 percent in royalties that franchisees paid the company for its corporate marketing efforts. Instead, they told franchisees that they could keep the money — if they agreed to do their own marketing.

A key part of the presentation was showing franchisees how to execute the new, guerrilla-style marketing initiatives. We always built sales wherever we were at.

So it was radical, but we tried it. So the brothers decided to extend the efforts for another six months. Continuing to lose traction, the company closed out the year down 6 percent in comparable store sales.

Bythe company was falling nearly 7 percent. Focus on the right customers As they began their search, the brothers looked for a smaller agency where they would know the owners personally.

Instead, they pitched themselves. But Zimmerman did things differently. They also gave them the money to go out and do the necessary market research to develop their brand strategy. The agency used techniques such as intercepting customers — going into other stores and offering them a free lunch at Firehouse Subs in exchange for feedback — Zimmerman soon figured out why the company was losing customers.

The brand needed to reach more people. At the time, the company had lost about 10 percent of its traffic. So we started trying to better understand who those customers are and who other customers are.

But there were thousands upon thousands of people that we could reach, which is what we did. First, the company increased its emphasis on the items that make it different from competitors — its big portions of quality meats.

At the heart of the strategy was the radio. The agency suggested that, as founders, Robin and Chris should represent the brand in radio commercials. The commercials would also include a new slogan:Firehouse Subs created an environment that focuses on customer service, and is family-oriented. Firehouse Subs has been serving the hottest subs in town ever since.

Firehouse Subs now celebrating 14 years in business, and have opened more than restaurants in 19 states. In , Firehouse Subs was ranked No. 1 fast casual chain by Restaurant Business Magazine; consumers ranked the brand No. 1 for sandwich, friendly service, and accommodating children in the Market Force Information Study; and Firehouse Subs was ranked No.

1 consumer choice for pleasant and friendly service by Technomic’s Chain.

firehouse subs business plan

Counter-serve sandwich chain offering made-to-order hot & cold subs, plus a variety of hot sauces. The first step was to prepare a business plan which would meet the SBA and banking requirements. There was a long delay in finding a location which would meet the stipulations of the franchise.

He finally found property to buy and build the restaurant. Firehouse Subs was opened in December, Firehouse Subs is a leader in the fast casual sandwich industry, opening in new and existing markets all over the country.

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Featuring second-to-none sub sandwiches and a commitment to the communities they serve, Firehouse Subs is a daily affirmation that serving good food and doing good belong together.

Detailed Estimates of Firehouse Subs Franchise Costs Based on Item 7 (Estimated Initial Investment) of Firehouse Subs’ Franchise Disclosure Document Traditional Development Restaurants.

1. Deposit: $2, The deposit is not refundable, but it will be applied to the initial franchise fee. 2.

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