Cute paper

They are almost as popular as desserts and miracle workouts. Then one day, I was sick of struggling with my stove. The stove top and the drip pans were just not getting clean no matter what I did.

Cute paper

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Today I have another crepe paper flower tutorial for you. When I posted my succulent tutorial, I mentioned that I had to find a way to make the petals look thick or else the succulents would look like a water lily.

Someone asked me if I had a water lily tutorial, so I decided to go ahead and make one. The technique is similar to the succulent tutorial: This tutorial will be Cute paper easy. Crepe Paper — For the flower in the tutorial, I used two very similar shades of pink for the petals and a light yellow for the center.

My strips were approximately. Make sure that the crinkles run parallel with the length of the strip. You will need about 20 strips. I had three layers for my flower: The outermost layer had 7 petals, the Cute paper layer had 6 petals and the inner layer had 6 petals.

Your flower may have a different petal count if the shape is different from mine, which is fine. As you move up in layers, cut the petals narrower than previous later, so that the widest petals are on the outside and the narrowest petals are inside by the center.

Using the pad of your thumbs, stretch the crepe paper at the base of the petal, before it starts to taper. Your petal should form a cup or bowl shape, like the 3rd petal in the above image. This image shows you the difference in width for my outermost petals left and the innermost petals right.

Cut a small slit at the base of the petal, where the black dotted line is drawn in the image above. This creates two little flaps, colored red and blue. Glue one flap over the other using a tiny bit of glue. In the image above, I tried to illustrate that the blue flap is now overlapping the red flap.

This creates a curve at the base of the petal so it stands up a bit more instead of being flat. As you make your layers, the inner petals will need to stand up straighter than the outer petals.

The more you overlap the flaps, the straighter the petal will stand. Therefore, you do not need to do this step for the outermost petals, because you want the petals to lay flat. But as the layers move inwards, the petals should stand up straighter.

Begin gluing your outermost layer onto the circle base. Begin adding your second layer of petals. If you look carefully, you can see that the petal in the second layer has a slitted base and one flap glued overlapping the other.

Again, this is to make the petal stand up straighter than the petals in the outermost 1st layer. This should be what your flower looks like now with two layers. I added one more layer in a slightly darker pink.Hiware Pack Biodegradable Paper Straws Bulk - 8 Different Pattern Pink/Gold Paper Drinking Straws for Juices, Shakes, Smoothies, Party Supplies, Birthday, Baby Shower Decorations.

I planned to make a flower-covered paper lantern for months. Not until I found a white poinsettia garland at a Michael’s after-Christmas clearance did it become a reality. Normally, I’m not a fan of artificial flowers, but I think this is a great way to use them.

Paper Plate Rainbow. This Paper Plate Rainbow is a perfect craft for preschoolers.

Paper Glitter – Paper Glitter

Paper plates are just the right shape for rainbow-making, add some clouds and you've got one fun craft! Oh gosh, TOO cute!

Cute paper

I wish I had thought of something like this when my nephews were this small. Just love it! Rebekah. Aren't they *snow cute*! I wrapped a full sized chocolate bar with white wrapping paper and then stamped the largest Peachy Keen *Snow Cutie* face, from the assortment set, with black Momento ink.

Make your own cute box envelopes with our free printable and tutorial. Let’s get crafty and have some fun with this easy DIY! If you are using the “envelope system” for your budgeting, these box envelopes will really help a lot!

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