Cissp cbk review final exam week

This forum helped me identify successful materials so I wanted to give back. I actually began this journey about five years when work had additional training credits and I volunteered to attend a security class. I decided that someday, if I ever had months to spare, I would study for the exam.

Cissp cbk review final exam week

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I have thoroughly documented my experience in an effort to share my experience with others who are hoping to obtain the CISSP certification.

I welcome feedback and questions which will help me improve this memoir as a resource for those who are working towards the CISSP certification. Heading in the Right Direction When I started my current job as Information Assurance Manager, my supervisor asked me what training I wanted to take and what certifications I felt would be helpful in performing my job duties.

This firm occasionally holds courses in the area and they had a competitive price which included the exam on the last day of the course. I sailed through the course and was able to score a pretty solid out of on the exam. This helped me understand a few important concepts of the study plan which include: There is no magic pill for this certification!

People learn in all sorts of ways Cissp cbk review final exam week a successful study plan depends greatly on your study habits and learning style. There are a lot of resources out there!

Preparing for the exam is as important as the exam itself! Remember, if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear. Study Habits and Learning Style I designed a study plan that relied on computer based training CBT resources, videos, books, practice questions and ultimately a review seminar before the exam at the end of my journey to CISSP certification.

I found that my best bang-for-the-buck in preparing for the exam was CBT training and videos. I find that visual and auditory learning works better for me and allows me to internalize it and map the teachings back to experience already in my mind. This learning style was reflected in my study plan, and I cover this further on in my materials review.

The Wheat and the Chaff When it came down to it, I was surprised at what materials I found to be useful and what I found to be utterly worthless in my studies. I found that some materials that others considered to be a holy grail were a waste of time for me.

Did that help me prepare? But what did help me prepare for the exam was my bell curve shape approach to my study plan. Upon establishing a solid familiarity with the CBK domains and the concepts thereof I transitioned to materials that scraped a bit deeper into the concepts and discussed the more technical aspects of specific technologies, methodologies and processes.

Ultimately I reached the apex of my study plan, a point at which I was studying several hours each day. I was taking hundreds of practice questions, watching detailed videos and researching weak areas in some of the resource materials and guide books.

I ultimately selected Training Camp. I booked a course for late November in Minneapolis and continued my studies. Travel Plans…and Turbulence Ahead!

Cissp cbk review final exam week

Study plan execution was humming along nicely and I was in the final weeks before heading to Minneapolis but I was anxious because Training Camp had not given me the hotel information so I could make arrangements for airport transportation.

Then, just a week before the session I got the news — the session was canceled owing to not enough registered attendees! They gave me the option of moving to Bushkill, PA or Atlanta, GA during the same week, or I could slide to any other session that worked for me.

I had to then settle on Atlanta, GA since I had already made all the arrangements to be away that week and that location would be least expensive to travel to.

I responded and told them that I would go with Atlanta, GA and made my travel changes. Although frustrated by having to change flights again I was more than happy to switch back. The idea of the cold weather attracted me since it meant fewer distractions and I find a walk in the cold can help me relax.

On the flight I entertained myself by reading some more. I had called ahead that morning and asked for an upgraded room in a quiet area of the hotel.

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Management was accommodating of my request and gave me a nice efficiency room with a great view of the Minneapolis skyline.The CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professionals) exam is a six-hour, monitored paper-based exam covering 10 domains of information system security knowledge, each representing a specific area of expertise.

CISSP Training Boot Camp You will leave the InfoSec Institute CISSP boot camp with the knowledge and domain expertise to successfully pass the CISSP exam . Final thoughts on CISSP certification CISSP certification is formal recognition that you understand the industry well, and I definitely attribute some of my personal success to the exam.

CISSP CBK Review Final Exam CISSP CBK Review Page 6 D. Separation of Duties. Which of the following is the primary goal of a security awareness program? A. It provides a vehicle for communicating security procedures. B. It provides a clear understanding of potential risk and exposure.

Mar 23,  · Passed the CISSP exam on 2/20/ – first attempt I passed the CISSP exam on Saturday – first attempt. Wow. What an experience. Official CISSP CBK Training Guide (9/10) – This is the HUGE green book that you get when you attend an official course.

This book covered so many topics that are not in any of the other books I had read.

Cissp cbk review final exam week

This course is designed for people who know how to create basic list and group reports and need to create reports that include sub reports, cross-tabs, advanced formulas, and charts based on more than one data series.

My CISSP to PMP Experience