Bcs unfair

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Bcs unfair

December 7, Twitter Bcs unfair Dure learned everything he Bcs unfair to know about life while stuffed into the overhead compartment of a bus writing Enduring Spirit, a book about the Washington Spirit's first season.

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The site written by people who have lives. The site run by people like Jeff and Jason who are far cooler than the people a typical sports writer would get to meet in real life.

After all, no one said life was fair. And sports imitate art. Please, as Micky Dolenz might say in imitating Henny Youngman.

The BCS is Unfair to the SEC

Every year, the college football championship formula gets its share of criticism, both just and unjust. The NCAA has never adequately explained why every other division can participate in a playoff system while the Football Bowl Subdivision we know it as Division I-A student-athletes are better served in a bowl system that pads a lot of wallets of people far away from college campuses.

On the other hand, the sports punditocracy conveniently forgets the incoherence of the pre-BCS system, in which national champions were crowned by the whims of sports writers and coaches. One would think Oklahoma State would have the pathos vote as well as the computer vote.

Or that the human voters would decide one LSU-Alabama game was enough this year, and maybe another team deserved a shot at the mightly Louisiana school. Just like figure skating judges who think the Russians are better than the Canadians.

Or dog show judges who keep picking the mop-haired poodles over the kick-ass Australian shepherds. But it still combines beauty-pageant judging with big-money politics ask Boise State.

The BCS is Unfair to the SEC

Not a recipe for fairness. Most other sports pick a champion objectively. But are they fair? College basketball fans think so. A team tournament gives everyone a reasonable shot at the title, right.

Sure, but it also means a team that destroys every team in its path until losing at the wrong time might watch someone else win the national title.

The next year, Duke DID have the best team in college basketball, but it only made the Final Four after a referee was lenient on Christian Laettner and let him continue one of the best shooting performances ever in a college game. Even with playoff systems that take an eternity, as in the NBA and NHL, the best teams over game regular seasons often end up bounced out.

We can rant and rave about all of this injustice. Some people make a good living doing just that on radio and TV. Or we can just remember this: We can demand that sports should be just. College basketball probably is — teams know their March games will matter more than their January games.

Bcs unfair

That would demand referees with superhuman infallibility. Tournament selection committees that can take raw data and weigh in any extenuating circumstances.

The BCS is Unfair to the SEC (and others too)

Soccer fields with immaculate grass and no wind. Golf courses with no divots. As the Scots said about golf: That gives us plenty to talk about.After 10 years at USA TODAY and a freelance career in which my work has been featured at ESPN, heartoftexashop.com and even the Huffington Post, I’m happy to say I’ve finally found the most suitable home for my sports writing — Popdose.

"Division I-A football is the only sport within the NCAA structure where student-athletes have no equal access to winning a national championship," Young told the House Judiciary Committee. Files for BC's New Minister for the Environment and Climate Change Strategy George Heyman July 18, The Shinbone.

The frontier of the free press >>established July 24, Dec 02,  · The BCS is broke but your example is not why. First of all. Georgia was idle and didnt win their division let alone conference- although personally I think they are as good as anyone right heartoftexashop.com: Resolved.

Former quarterback Steve Young told Congress Thursday that his alma mater, Brigham Young University, has virtually no chance for a future national football championship — and it has nothing to.

Popdose Sports: BCS Is Unfair, But What Isn't?