A biography of john fitzgerald kennedy family and educational background

He was educated in the public schools and began to write in high schoolwhere he was active and outstanding, but the parts of his boyhood that mattered most were summers spent with his family on Walloon Lake in upper Michigan. On graduation from high school inimpatient for a less-sheltered environmenthe did not enter college but went to Kansas City, where he was employed as a reporter for the Star. He was repeatedly rejected for military service because of a defective eye, but he managed to enter World War I as an ambulance driver for the American Red Cross. On July 8,not yet 19 years old, he was injured on the Austro-Italian front at Fossalta di Piave.

A biography of john fitzgerald kennedy family and educational background

Dallas, Texas American president John F. Kennedy was the thirty-fifth president of the United States. He also was the first president since Theodore Roosevelt — with whom youth could identify. He made the nation see itself with new eyes. His assassination shocked the world.

He was the second son of nine children born to the multimillionaire business executive and financier Joseph P.

A biography of john fitzgerald kennedy family and educational background

Kennedy — and his wife, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy — Joseph himself had served as chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, chairman of the U. Maritime Commission, and ambassador to Great Britain — Thus, the Kennedys were a wealthy family with a history of political and public service.

Education and the military Kennedy attended the Canterbury parochial school —31 and the Choate School — One of his teachers later said that people in school liked him more for his personality than for his accomplishments.

He was often ill during his childhood and spent much of this time reading. Kennedy enrolled at Princeton University in but illness soon forced him to withdraw. Upon recovery he went to Harvard University, where he majored in government and international relations. He used his observations for his senior paper, which later became the bestselling book Why England Slept After graduating from Harvard with honors inKennedy went to Stanford University for graduate studies.

In April he tried to enlist in the U. Army but was rejected for physical reasons a back injury received while playing football.

A biography of john fitzgerald kennedy family and educational background

Months later, after his back strengthened through a regimen of exercises, the U. He then became an intelligence officer in Washington, D. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a U. Kennedy requested active duty at sea and was given this assignment in late In March he was given command of a patrol torpedo PT boat, a small, fast boat armed with weapons, including torpedoes.

In August his boat was sliced in two by a Japanese destroyer and two of his crew were killed.


Kennedy and four others clung to the half of the PT boat that remained afloat. Six other men survived in the nearby water, two wounded. In a three-hour struggle Kennedy got the wounded crewmen to the floating wreck.

When it capsized, he ordered his men to swim to a small island about three miles away. He towed one man to shore in a heroic five-hour struggle. Several days later, having displayed great courage, leadership, and endurance, Kennedy succeeded in having his men rescued. House of Representatives Returning to civilian life, Kennedy did newspaper work for several months, covering a United Nations conference, the Potsdam Conference, and the British elections of However, coming from a family devoted to John F.

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In he became a candidate for the U. House of Representatives from the Massachusetts eleventh congressional district. Kennedy built a large personal organization for his campaign. On whirlwind tours he met as many voters as possible.

He talked to the people in a direct, informal style about the topics that they were concerned with. In this campaign and in all the others, his brothers, sisters, and mother supported him.Adolf Hitler was obsessed with the occult, in his case the Thule Society, closely inter-connected with German Theosophists.

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Add citations directly into your paper, Check for unintentional plagiarism and check for writing mistakes. John Fitzgerald Kennedy Biography. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29th at Brookline (Massachusetts). His father Joseph Kennedy was an ambitious politician, who became from son of a pubkeeper to a millionaire.

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